2021: Zero Motorcycles x Pando Moto

“Powered by Nature. Electric by choice”

A joint project between electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles and Pando Moto, premium motorcycle gear manufacturer.

ElixIR Consult pitched the idea to create a limited edition joint capsule collection with the slogan “Powered by nature. Electric by choice” and an illustrative print which symbolizes unity and harmony between the two brands. Together with Pando, we organized two photo shoots, created a promotional video, a webpage, numerous social media posts and a press release that generated significant international media coverage.

Our role: copywriting (press release, video script, slogan, social media), art direction, media relations, social media management, editorial calendar.

The three unique capsule pieces are: hoodie, sweatshirt and T-shirt, made from 100% ECO 5.3oz cotton fabric. These are non-protective unisex items, simply a statement of lifestyle. Casual, every day style that represent the two brands which share the passion and commitment for motorcyclists worldwide. The capsule features a collaborative logo on the front and a large graphic on the back. Designed for the responsible and forward-looking riders who believe in the importance of sharing the message of conscious innovation riding in the world.

Having a similar vision of inclusion and innovation in the world of motorcycling, both brands go hand in hand in combining style, function and protection into products that encourage safe and enjoyable riding. Protect the environment by riding Zero Motorcycles and protect yourself by wearing Pando Moto gear.

ElixIR is proud of this project because even today, one year later, the capsule is still generating attention.

Don’t apologize for your brand stories. Hit them with a plot twist.

Zero Motorcycles x Pando Moto - Kyle hoodie
Zero Motorcycles x Pando Moto - John sweatshirt
Zero Motorcycles x Pando Moto - Mike T-shirt