Sail Den Helder 2023 | Event Photography

Good to sea you again!

Sail Den Helder

June 29 to July 2, 2023

In the past days, we set sail on a daring escapade of photography and treasure hunting amidst the grandest nautical affair in the Netherlands: Sail Den Helder. A majestic armada of 40 towering Tall Ships and 180 vessels steeped in sailing lore descended upon the hallowed port of Den Helder, creating a tumultuous swell of excitement among the throngs.

Each of the 300,000 intrepid souls who graced this spectacle had the chance to step aboard select Tall Ships and engage in discourse with their crew. Some had traversed vast oceans, spanning 6.000 nautical miles, to partake in this profound experience, while others prepared to embark on forthcoming odysseys—two-year voyages around the globe.

This year, the Navy Days also took place during Sail Den Helder, which made the visit even more noteworthy. Not only did we endure a battery of tests to prove our mettle, but we also embarked on exhilarating virtual reality boat rides, and even had the privilege of stepping aboard the Netherlands’ mightiest warship.

Aside from the boarding ships, visitors could dance on the varied rhythms of lively concerts, indulge in unique mementos emblematic of the occasion and join in on the parade of the Tall Ship crews. Oh, what a magnificent spectacle it was, a sight to behold!

Some notable names that made Sail Den Helder unique:

Clean2Anywhere – a foundation committed to accelerating the transition to a circular economy. During the event, Clean2Anywhere introduced various projects on the ‘Path to the future’, including a striking modular home built from waste plastic, wood and waste textiles that is easy to dismantle and whose building materials can be reused forever. Another remarkable presence of Clean2Anywhere are the four 17th century work boats, which are built from waste plastic.

Oosterschelde – a three-masted topsail schooner built in 1918, recognized as a monument of great cultural and historical value. The ship has already visited more than 50 countries on five continents. This summer, it will start its DARWIN200 journey, a two-year world journey that follows in the footsteps of the famous discoverer Charles Darwin.

Bima Suci – the newest and largest sail training ship in the Indonesian Navy. One of the largest Tall Ships in the world, with a crew capacity of 200 members, the ship is named after a Javanese hero who was a symbol of strength, courage and righteousness. For Indonesia, this ship acts as a “floating ambassador” and makes courtesy visits to ports and events around the world.

Zr. Ms. Karel Doorman – the Joint Support Ship (JSS) A833 is a logistics support ship, a multi-function support ship for amphibious operations of the Royal Netherlands Navy. It can transport a lot of large (military) equipment, supply other naval vessels and function as a (helicopter) base at sea for land operations. The A833 is the largest Dutch naval vessel.

Sail Den Helder 2023 - Ships - Navy
Sail Den Helder 2023 - Ships - Navy A833

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Sail Den Helder 2023 - Ships - Norway Statsraad Lehmkuhl
Sail Den Helder 2023 - Music
Sail Den Helder 2023 - header
Sail Den Helder 2023 - Flag
Sail Den Helder 2023 - Ships - Oosterschelde
Sail Den Helder 2023 - Ships - Poland Dar Mlodziezy
Sail Den Helder 2023 - Parade 2
Sail Den Helder 2023 - Parade 1