New partnership: Westland Op Wielen

An insanely fitting partnership

There are some moments in life when you meet people who are just like you and you’re wondering “where have you been all this time?”. That’s the exact scenario of this story.

Westland op Wielen and ElixIR Consult shook hands in what seems to be the beginning of a wonderful partnership in the world of motorcycling. Not only did Westland op Wielen create his own brand around the industry, but his knowledge, expertise and passion are ultimately the primary drivers of this relationship. A self-taught photographer who has been practicing for over 6 years and who appreciates being constantly busy.

Some joint projects are already ongoing – specifically collaborating with motorcycle and motorcycling gear brands. Since mid-October, ElixIR is autonomously managing the Instagram page from his automotive detailing company. Through creating engaging/original content and an engaged community, “WOW Store NL” (Westland Op Wielen) aims to become well-known in the Dutch automotive community.

One of the 2023 projects includes the Bikers for Humanity Romania event. This project was started in 2015 by a group of Romanian motorcyclists with the goal of raising funds while bringing together volunteers to build houses for the least fortunate.

“Our mind has incredible power that can do wonders and when it’s supported by a giving heart, the universe can take on another shape. Obviously, it’s the universe of the people around us that were not lucky enough to have everything that each of us has and that we can use to give further.” – Bikers for Humanity

For the 2023 edition, our joint goal is to support this event from abroad and raise awareness and funds from those whose hearts are in the right place, but also from our key partners in the industry.

We don’t know what the future holds, but we know the lengths to which we’re willing to go to bring value to any of our clients.

Don’t apologize for your brand stories. Hit them with a plot twist. – ElixIR


Black Indian Motorcycle Chieftain Dark Horse model
Light painting during night with the Black Indian Motorcycle Chieftain Dark Horse model
Indian Motorcycle Chieftain Dark Horse at NDSM in Amsterdam.