How do we overcome creative block?

You’re doing great

I want to start by saying that creative block is normal. You’re not doing a poor job because today you aren’t able to deliver the results you know you’re capable to deliver. Maybe you just need a break to recharge your batteries. Unfortunately, it’s one of Murphy’s Laws, where the block comes in where you desire it least. Not that there’s any desire at any time to experience this.

So, let’s dig into the way we handle creative block:


Do’s and Don’ts



It won’t do you any good. You’ve probably exhausted your gray matter so far, and if you keep going you won’t rediscover your creative side. Here, we take a break, have a walk, look around us and let the surroundings inspire us.



These things happen. One way we keep pushing when we feel the block is to look back at the positive client feedback we received on our work. Seeing that our clients are happy is the fuel that keeps our wheels spinning and which proves that we’re not poor performers.


DO: find your BEST performing TIME

Every person reaches their peak potential at a key moment during the day. Perhaps that’s an early morning for you or a late evening. You might be an early bird or a night owl. Take the time to look for this moment and you’ll thank yourself.


DO: bring in back-up

Two heads are better than one. Your partner, your friend or colleague will bring in a fresh pair of eyes. They will be able to give you new insights. We always rely on each other, as our partners can save the day when we feel blocked.


DO: bulk

Bulking ideas when you come up with a campaign or story will allow you to circle back to your original idea and be inspired by your own thoughts.

These do’s and don’ts will help you regain your confidence and boost your creativity when you need it most. It’s a mix of: being prepared, collaborating with your team and keeping a calm attitude.

At ElixIR, we also face hurdles, just like anyone else. But we tackle it with a positive attitude, because our clients are the most important part of our business.