Five Rules for Dating a Biker

The essential rules for a fruitful relationship:

1. Refrain from cleaning their garage.

You need to control your cleaning mania. Because in all that apparent disaster, your biker partner will know exactly where to find their stuff. Nothing is trash, even if it may look like that. I know it’s hard to understand if you’re not a biker, but you don’t even need to. Just leave it the way it is and your relationship will keep being beautiful.

2. Appreciate their bike occasionally.

If you’re a woman and you get a haircut, you want your partner to notice that, right? Or a new dress? If you’re a man, you want your partner to notice the new shave. It’s the same for your biker partner, but their bike is the haircut. Put a little bit of effort in noticing and complimenting the bike sometimes. Even if you ask about the very basics of motorcycling –although you might not remember it tomorrow–, it’s enough.

3. Learn that their bike isn’t your rival.

Let’s face it. The bike was there before you. And you should remember that it might even be part of why you spotted your partner in the first place. You can’t be jealous of the bike and the quality time they spend together. Don’t worry, your biker boyfriend or girlfriend won’t replace you. You’re just… equally important.

4. Accept that some of their bike stuff will be in your shared space.

Wouldn’t you agree that a bike hanging on the wall is a cool design piece for your living room? If you don’t, then I’m not sure why you’re reading this post. However – you might not experience this and only see helmets, gloves, scattered small bits… just leave it. In the end, the design of a house is mainly done by one person. The other deserves their space too.

Interior design - Bike hanging on the wall in living room

5. Keep calm when they are hours late.

Nothing happened to them. As a biker, when facing the options of going home on the five-minute high-speed route or the two-hour scenic route, it’s highly likely they will choose the latter. Not because they want to escape from home, but because, honestly, it’s not even an option. Motorcycling isn’t a way of getting to work, but a lifestyle. Learn to keep calm, patient and say “(s)he’s just an idiot”.

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